The Chesterfield Brand

The Chesterfield Brand

The Chesterfield Brand™ is the leading brand of Chesterfield furniture. House of Chesterfield is the exclusive sales partner for “The Chesterfield Brand™” and delivers the products directly from the manufacturer to the customer. In our own factory and tannery, “The Chesterfield Brand™” furniture displayed on our website is produced in an honest and traditional manner.

The number 1 for Chesterfield furniture

The Chesterfield Brand™ stands for processing very high quality materials. The Chesterfield BrandTM also stands for employees who strive wholeheartedly to create durable and classic furniture. The Chesterfield Brand™ is a dynamic brand that, in addition to its traditional models, also experiments with its own style. Our store contains a number of models with a more modern style or models produced with a fabric other than leather. At our partner, Chesterfield Showroom, you are able to adjust your Chesterfield furniture to your own desire.

For each piece of furniture from The Chesterfield Brand™ we provide a Certificate of Authenticity. Quality is of major importance to the Chesterfield Showroom. In order to prove this, the certificate is used with the following guarantees:

• The furniture is produced as authentically as possible

• The furniture is from the original Chesterfield Brand

• The furniture is manufactured, packed and delivered with the utmost care.