12 Year Warranty

Platinum Plus Guarantee 12 years


A whopping 12 year warranty on all frame's after 5 years alone. The material and transportation costs are the responsibility of the customer; the repair costs are free.

Leather Care Guarantee 5 years

Leather is a truly natural product. It exudes class, luxury and comfort.
Depending on the finish, leather upholstery is a user friendly product and very is easy to maintain. By regularly caring for your Chesterfield ( we advise at least 4 times a year) with Leather care Bio Cream your Chesterfield will stay in perfect condition.


Choose for top quality with 5 years extra security

Just use our professional leather maintenance products from The Chesterfield Leather Care and enjoy the extended The Original Chesterfield Leather Care 5 year guarantee No Risk leather service. This guarantee applies to new leather furniture only.
The above mentioned guarantees are for products destined for personal use only. Businesses such as hotels, restaurants, stores, waiting rooms, etc. are not eligible for this guarantee.

5 year optimal care

Taking care of your leather is very important! When you have purchased one or more of our products with the 5 year guarantee, you will receive a complete Original Chesterfield Leather Care Set. (Number of sets is dependent on the number of products purchased.)

Ideally, you should use the supplied maintenance kit(s) every 3 months for the best care of your leather.

Benefits at a glance

  •          5 years service concerning accidents and damage.
  •          Keeps your Chesterfield leather clean and beautiful for extended periods of time.
  •          Protection from water, oil and grease-based stains.
  •          Optimal protection for your investment.



The Original Chesterfield Leather Care cannot be purchased for leather products such as rough leather ( Suede, pilot leather, etc.) or leather that has been treated with a wax or oil-based finish.  (Such as an old saddle or sheep’s leather.)

Chesterfield Leather Care protects your leather from the following types of stains:

  •          Oil-based stains such as salad dressing, mayonnaise, and ketchup.
  •          Water-based stains such as lemonade fruit juice, wine, coffee and tea.
  •          Various stains such as shoe polish, blood, ink, markers, and any dyes that may come from clothing.

Chesterfield Leather Care protects your leather from the following damage.

Burn marks,  separation of the finish layer, scrapes and scratches, extreme cracking,  dryness and the transfer of
coloured dyes from articles of clothing, such as denim.


No Risk Leather Service

By extreme damage or stubborn stains, a trained professional is available to assist you free of charge at your home.

Free of Charge

Our Original Chesterfield Leather Care - No Risk leather service is free of charge and offers solutions for damages such as transfer of
coloured dyes from articles of clothing, ink from ballpoint pens, burn marks, body oils, dryness and stubborn stains made from cosmetics, food and drink.

This service is applicable in the following countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, France and Germany.